Seen Lincoln the movie? Want to learn more about Lincoln?

USA Today makes A. Lincoln its first choice for learning more.


These books log Lincoln’s life, presidency

Deirdre Donahue, USA TODAY

A few titles about the 16th president, who’s popular on shelves and, thanks to Steven Spielberg, in movie theaters.

6:40PM EST December 3. 2012 – You’ve watched Daniel Day-Lewis channel the man from Springfield in Steven Spielberg’s movie, and now you’re gripped by Lincoln fever. The cure waits at the bookstore. Here is a sampling of great books about the president, as well as his wife.

A. Lincoln: A Biography by Ronald C. White Jr. (Random House). Looking for a comprehensive birth-to-death bio? This is the answer. White is particularly strong in his ability to convey how Lincoln’s thinking on politics, race and religion evolved. Although an admirer of his subject, White makes it clear he is writing about a man, not a deity. He also cogently explains the 19th century to 21st-century readers in this 2009 title.




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