On Thursday, March 3, 2011, I recorded an essay for National Public Radio on the meaning of Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address which was delivered 150 years ago on March 4, 1861.  Here is a link to the text of the essay: “150 Years Later, Lincoln’s Words Still Resonate.”  It may also be on the radio version of NPR, but that is not certain, nor is the date certain.  In a tour of the NPR studios in Washington I learned that Friday is the busiest news day — all the more busy right now with all that is happening in the Middle East.

My essay begins:

“At a moment of impending civil war in America, our most eloquent president spoke to the nation.

In this era of speech writers, I am asked often: Are Lincoln’s speeches Lincoln’s speeches? The answer is yes, with one notable exception — the First Inaugural Address.”

Click [here] to read the full piece on the NPR website.

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