I’m extremely gratified that A. Lincoln has been named one of the Best Books of 2009 by The History Book Club, Barnes & Noble, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, and LeadershipNow.com.
History Book Club

Best Books of 2009

“The basic outline of the Lincoln story remains unchanged. It is in the subtext, the subtleties that made up the man and informed his decisions, that White reveals a newer and better understood Lincoln. As a result, there is every reason to expect that A. Lincoln will be the landmark biography of the bicentennial, and the benchmark Lincoln for the next generation to come.”

Barns & Noble

Best Nonfiction Books 2009

“[White] reveals a Lincoln whose evolving attitudes toward race, slavery, and war aims culminated in his magisterial second inaugural address on March 4, 1864, which proclaimed that slavery was at the heart of the fraternal holocaust and that the time had come for all Americans to bring forth a new nation “with malice toward none; with charity for all.” An exceptional work that belongs in every public and academic library.” — Jim Doyle

The Washington Post
Best Books of 2009

Biography: American Lives

A. LINCOLN, by Ronald C. White Jr. (Random House, $35). This thoroughly researched book belongs on the A-list of major biographies of the tall Illinoisan. — David W. Blight
The Christian Science Monitor

Best books of 2009: nonfiction

A. Lincoln:
A Biography
By Ronald C. White Jr.
Random House
816 pp. $35
In this lively, informative biography, historian Ronald C. White traces the spiritual and intellectual evolution of Abraham Lincoln. (Christian Science Monitor review February 10, 2009).

The Leadershop

The Best Leadership Books of 2009

A Lincoln Book Cover ThumbnailA. Lincoln: A Biography
by Ronald C. White Jr.
(Random House, 2009)

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The bicentennial year of Lincoln’s birth saw the release of many books about the 16th president. A. Lincoln is an engaging narrative and one of the best. Lincoln, says White, continues to fascinate us “because he eludes simple definitions and final judgments.” —www.leadershipnow.com
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