On July 14, I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed in Boston for a PBS documentary, “God in America,” which will air in October, 2010.  Sarah Colt, of Sarah Colt Productions, is directing hours 3 and 4 of this 6-hour documentary.  “God in America” is being co-produced by the award-winning Frontline and American Experience.  The documentary seeks to portray the often obscured or misunderstood role of religion in America.  I have been invited to serve as the consultant for hour three.

My interview, based on my three books on Lincoln, focuses on Lincoln’s understanding of religion in relation to the Civil War.  As readers know, I have sought to emphasize not only Lincoln’s public oratory—the Second Inaugural Address—but his private musing—the so-called Meditation on the Divine Will.

Sarah came to New York in May to hear my address to the New York Historical Society.  We sat in her studio in Boston and talked on camera for three hours about Lincoln and religion.  From this she will edit parts of the conversation for the documentary.  She is a remarkable writer and director which gives high promise to the middle two hours of the documentary.

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