Ed Hornick of CNN recently interviewed me in connection with a story comparing President-Elect Obama and President Lincoln.  Here’s an excerpt:

…Historians and political pundits have pointed out that both Lincoln and Obama share the gift of eloquence, speechwriting and oration.

Lincoln historian and author Ronald White said that both had a “tremendous trust in words and the power of language.”

“And I think today, we come with a real kind of cynicism. … It’s only words. And yet I think underneath the words are the public’s perception of looking for someone with integrity and authenticity and not someone simply playing a role,” White said.

White, author of the upcoming book “A. Lincoln: A Biography,” has lectured on Lincoln at the White House and the Library of Congress.

“Both of them rose, in a sense, beyond their inexperience and in spite of their relative youth, the wings of their ability to use public language,” he added. [continued…]

Click (here) for the complete article on CNN.com.

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